photos by india earl.

photos by india earl.

Hello, I'm Paris.

i'm a videographer and photographer located in utah, though colorado is home. i love being outdoors with my husband and our pup, goldie.

I love to read all kinds of books, am passionate about personal development, and have dreams of seeing the whole world. 

I am in love with videography because whenever I watch personal videos i've made, i get to relive everything i felt. And it's magical. I hope to deliver that same privilege to EVERY COUPLE I GET TO WORK WITH.

Thank you for following along with my work & my life, I'm grateful you're here. I hope you feel inspired to pursue what sets your soul on fire and find this to be a positive space because life is beautiful and I want to celebrate that.

If you would like to shoot with me, or have any questions go here and send me and email!