A few weeks ago we were feeling a little antsy (as usual haha) and decided to head to Moab! We left after work Friday and drove through a canyon to try and find a place to camp! Seriously every campsite was full.  We drove around Moab for two hours and couldn't find a single empty space to pitch our tent! We debated driving back home or to Green River to finally go to sleep.  We finally just pulled over in a random neighborhood and slept in our car... We were both shocked to wake up at 8 am realizing a cop didn't make us move in the middle of the night haha.

We spent the day off roading, paddle boarding, and eating bomb quesadillas.  And we were able to get a campsite the second day. ANd it was definitely worth the wait because check out that view!!! We finished the day off throwing the football by the campfire as the sun set.  It was so simple and perfect.  

After stuffing ourselves with s'mores we passed out under the stars.  And woke up like 4 hours later to some very loud drunk guys outside of our tent... Figuring we couldn't sleep anymore, we packed up and drove home at 2:30 am hahahah.  BUT we made it back in time for 9 am church!

It was seriously one of my favorite weekends of our marriage.  We just had the best time being together (and with goldie!) in one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

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