Somehow the stars aligned and I got to have a little girls weekend with my mom and sisters! And I got to watch my little brother run and see the Bon Iver concert with Pierce! So there were boys... but it was a girls weekend. Promise.

The weekend was full of This Is Us, way too much shopping, and all of my favorite Denver eats.  I know I'm a broken record when it comes to Denver but being home really is just the best.

Every time I go back I have to remind myself how perfect Utah is for us (for the time being;)).  

Denver Central Market.  Somehow we'd never discovered this gem until this trip!?!? We were in love.  So many yummy places to eat in one of the coolest neighborhoods of Denver.

Bijou's Little Curry Shop. A family favorite.

Dressing room selfies cuz GIRLS.

Goldie ready for the drive. Sorry I am obsessed?

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