Last week we went up the canyon to take some photos of Savanna and her boyfriend, Brigham.  Brigham and I have been friends for years, and he and Savanna me this fall.  It's so fun to see two people I love and admire fall in love! They are such a cute couple and Pierce and I love hanging out with them.  

I would love if you went out and checked out the photos I took of them here

And though these aren't the best photos, I had to share them! They make me laugh and are so us. I am so happy to have little sis here in Utah with me.  She makes me laugh harder than anyone and I we are so dumb together.  I seriously love it.  

Savanna has always been so generous and selfless.  When we were younger, I totally took advantage of that ;).  I specifically remember us reading The Friend (a church magazine for children full of stories) and making up a story.  She is so clean and organized, and I am not.  Especially when I was younger! But anyway I was "reading" the friend out loud to her and made up this bull crap story about how a younger sister was so generous and cleaned her sister's room for her and how that sister felt so good after.  Hahahaha and then Savanna cleaned my room the next day to do service for me because she was inspired by the story!  I am seriously laughing so hard remembering this.  And the best part about Sav is that I told her pretty much immediately after, and instead of being angry she thought it was hilarious.  

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