I Made the Leap!

I've decided to officially be a photographer/videographer.  It might sound silly but this has been huge decision for me! I didn't want to seem less professional as a videographer because I added photography to what I offer.  But the truth is, I just love both.  And I can do both.  

I haven't talked about this a lot because I've tried to brand myself as a videographer, but my first "business" was taking senior photos.  And I've even been the sole photographer of a few weddings.  The more I did photography, the more I realized I want to do it as well! SO this year I'll be doing both.  And when I do photo, Pierce will be alongside me doing video! And I'm pretty sure there's nothing better than that!

A ton of my time has been going to the rebranding of our professional website! You can finally see it HERE.  Now that my videos and photos have a more permanent home on the internet, I want to devote this blog to my personal life and all the fun (+ not so fun) that goes along with it.  I hope you'll continue to follow along.  It means a lot to have you here.  

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