Now that we're home I'm having a hard time believing this trip happened! It was so surreal.  If it weren't for the gnarly jet lag and mountain of laundry I might think I dreamed up the last couple of weeks!

So to answer the most commonly asked question: why Japan? The answer: we wanted to.  And that's pretty much it! We've heard it was amazing.  I loved the idea of Tokyo and Pierce saw a skiing movie where they skied in Japan and he became obsessed!  So we made it happen!  

Our first stop was Tokyo.  It blew all of our expectations in the best way.  The people were so kind and welcoming, the food was delicious, and the city was immaculate.  It was so much fun to have so many new experiences.  And everyone in Tokyo was always dressed up and looked so cool, now I pretty much want a new wardrobe.

A few highlights from Tokyo:

Going to the roof of a sky scraper and getting a 360 degree view of Tokyo! We watched the sun set and the city light up and it was magic.

Takeshita street! It was so cute.  I got cotton candy bigger than my head.  We actually went there twice in three days there was just the funnest energy there!

The fish market.  We woke up super super early and went around one of the biggest markets in the world!  Most everything they were selling you couldn't pay me to eat (except mochi), but it was fun to have my mind blown haha.

My last two are so simple but so fun for us.  Taking the subway and the vending machines!  I feel so silly even writing that haha but it honestly may have been our favorite thing!  The vending machines have hot drinks and we were obsessed.  And we always love using public transportation and people watching!

Our next stop was Hakuba.  It is a small little ski town full where they held the Olympics in 1998.  It was so so different from Tokyo.  Right when we arrived, Kokki, the owner of our hotel picked us up from the bus station.  He has to be one of the most adorable people I've ever met.  His little hotel was so quaint and we loved staying there!

We found the Japanese culture to be incredibly generous.  We were trying to figure out transportation to the ski store and Kokki offered for his wife to take us while she was taking her son to kindergarten!  She was also an angel.  We really loved our experience there.  And even though I'm a beginner skier, skiing there was pretty unreal!  But for Pierce it was absolute heaven! We only spent a couple of days in Hakuba but I know they're memories we'll treasure.

Our last three days were spent in Kyoto!  We saw temples, ate some incredible food, and soaked up the last time we had in our new favorite country.

In Kyoto we went to the monkey park!  There were so many monkeys up there, and it overlooked all of Kyoto.  You could also go inside and feed the monkeys through a window!  I was expecting it to be so weird haha but it just felt like a tiny dry human hand taking the apples from me! Which I guess makes sense haha. 

Also in Kyoto was a foot onsen! It was like a mini hot tub just for your feet.  I was expecting it to be gross but it was so nice and it felt sooooo good.  It was really cold in Kyoto and soaking our feet in the hot water was the best.  I'm convinced we need those all over America. 

We really did have the time of our lives dreaming up this trip then living it.  I really think half the fun of a trip is planning it then looking back on it! But I can't believe it already came and went, we talked about it for months!

We didn't take many photos on the trip... But we definitely made up for it in video! We filmed so much.  I love that it's a love we have in common.  For us filming is such a fun part of the experience!  But I have to give credit where it's deserved, Pierce pretty much did this whole thing! Haha when I'm cold I hate touching our stabilizer, it's freezing! And he had the coolest shot ideas and would edit every morning when we were wide awake at 4 am. :) I am so obsessed with it and so happy we'll always have it to look back on!

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