Gift Guide

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1: Appointed Co Planner

I asked for recommendations on my story a few days ago for planers.  I ended up ordering this one.  I love how simple it is, and I wanted something mostly for keeping track of weddings and shoots.

A great beginner film camera.  Pierce has had one for years, I just started using it!  I got my first roll of film developed last week and getting it back was so much fun.  This camera would be such a fun Christmas gift.

3: Pajamas

I picked up these pajamas at Target last week and I'm obsessed.  They are classic, light, and so comfy.  I want to wear them all day.

4: Neutral Vans

I love this take on the classic old school vans.  I like that they're a little different but still neutral.

5:  Le Labo Fragrances

Pierce and I are both obsessed with Le Labo.  This is our favorite scent!  Also if you ever get to go into a store, do it! They are so pretty.

6:  Madewell Wallet

I've been on the hunt for a pretty new wallet!  I love this one from Madewell.  I've had a purse from there for years and it's been good to me!

7:  Levi's Wedgie Jeans

Bought a pair of these on Black Friday.  Good news, they're on sale again!  And I've worn mine pretty much every day since they came in the mail.  I got black.

My sister has this pair--they are so cute.  And when we were in Tokyo, every girl had a pair of docs!  Since I'm obsessed with Japan I decided I need a pair too.

9:  Apple Air Pods

Pierce got me a pair of these for my birthday and they were the gift I never knew I wanted.  They're sooo nice for working out, cleaning my house, and pretty much anything else.

These look so much like the Gucci loafers.  I love these, and they are the top of my Christmas wishlist.  Reviews also say they're comfy!

11:  H&M Cardigan

Love this neutral color.  I've been buying all of my sweaters from H&M lately and I think I might need to add this one to my collection.

12:  Madewell Aviators

I feel like these are just so classic.  And I have a hard time ever buying super expensive sunglasses because I'm just not that responsible haha.  I got these this summer on our trip to Boston, I've loved them!

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