Ringing in the New Year With Arvo

this weekend was insane, definitely one of my crazier weekends.  it all started when we were hurrying to the airport on friday night and once we were there i realized i didn't have my passport (and my license has been missing for almost two years hahaha). luckily we are always so early to the airport when we're going to weddings and had time to go back home and get it! but it was honestly so stressful.  the next day pierce filmed for his job and i filmed a wedding in mesa! it was so beautiful and so much fun.  after a long day of work, we woke up at 4 am to be to the mesa airport super early so we could get back to the arvo nye party, which we were in charge of documenting.  our flight was getting delayed and delayed and we realized there was a high chance it was going to get cancelled.  we just sucked it up and bought another flight from the phoenix airport instead. so we headed there and were just glad to be flying with a more reliable airline so we'd for sure be able to make it to the party.  we'd been at the gate for like ten minutes when a voice comes over the intercom telling us the air traffic control tower was smoking and it had to be evacuated!!! at this point we were freaking out thinking, should we go back to the other airport and try to make that flight that may or may not leave!?  we were seriously considering trying that, but luckily they resolved the issue super quickly and we were only delayed like 10 minutes.

we finally board the plane but were so bummed to find out the other flight was taking off at the same time we were! so we pretty much bought these really expensive and inconvenient flights for no reason.  we finally landed in SLC and had to take an uber all the way to the provo airport because that's where our car was from the other flight.  as we got there there was a long line of people waiting to pick people up from the flight we should have been on... we were kicking ourselves! when we were finally almost home, we found out that that flight came to utah but then couldn't land and had to go all the way back to arizona! so hoolllllllllla we took the right flight! and then after being up since 4am, we went home and changed then worked/partied all night long.  we had a ton of fun and were so glad we could make it. getting there was crazy though haha! sorry you read all about our crazy flight disaster, but i just had to share. it was too crazy not to. :)

the federal empire was awesome live.

ha the only picture of me and i obviously wasn't ready! also cute story about my shirt-pierce picked it out and bought it for me while i was at the wedding on friday! he picked me up and gave it to me and i was STOKED because i loved it but never would've gotten it for myself.

in a few hours we are off to santa barbara for a wedding tomorrow! i'm excited to be out of the cold for a minute.  we are looking forward to watching the packers on sunday and skiing all day monday. 

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