Best Of 2016

Woah. This year.  It brought lots and lots of good. I wanted to share a few highlights here.

sailing thailand-a literal dream come true. the culture, food, and views blew my mind.  the whole experience was surreal.

PERU! not only was the experience amazing, but it felt like such a milestone to have an international job.  and showing pierce somewhere i loved so much was so great.

we visited NYC and san francisco for the first time, also for work.  We went with Pierce's company who has played a huge role in our 2016.  He took a job with them at the beginning of the year and we feel so grateful for what an amazing experience it has been for him and for our family.

our little getaway to california. pierce took me for my birthday and we had so much fun being lazy and being together.

china was mind boggling.  an experience i'll remember forever with my big family.

lake powell is always a highlight.


we learned how to canyoneer and fell in love with it.

this one is at the top of the list. my little sister moved to utah to attend byu.  we had 3 classes together, made fools of ourselves, and became closer than ever.  i'm not going to be returning to byu this year and i'll forever treasure the time we spent there together! we had so. much. fun.


we learned to ski!!! this is huge for me.  even though i ate a lot of crap, skiing has made us love utah.  we are love having a hobby that we get to work at together and being surrounded by insane beauty makes it all pretty amazing.

our trip to hawaii (please laugh at this photo).  this trip can't really be put into words.  one of the most incredible experiences for so many reasons.

so much happened this last year, and it honestly flew by.  there were good and bad moments but most significantly i will remember it as the year pierce and i travelled the world, the first year full of weddings, the year life got more serious but we still played so hard.  i am so determined to be progressing sometimes i struggle with where i am and am looking forward to the future.  at least for the past few months, i have been so incredibly content.  still determined as ever to move forward and be my best self, but honestly and truly in love with where i am.  i'm feeling so grateful to start the new year healthy, in love, and with a head full of dreams.  thank you for following along with my 2016, it really means the world. happy new year <3

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