Sending Off Summer: Lake Powell

Now I can officially welcome fall with open arms. our powell trip was the perfect way to finish our summer. it was so nice to have no cell service for a few days, be in the sun, and spend time with the people i love most! 

the day before we left I felt so sick, I skipped class even knowing I had to the next two days. i was so worried that my favorite trip was going to be miserable! i was so grateful though because i felt a million times better once we got there. 

we didn't take a ton of pictures or video (compared to usual haha) but i love what we did get! and we left the cameras on the houseboat most of the time so i didn't have to be worried about them getting wet. so it was definitely a win.

i took some dancing pics of my beautiful little sister madeline one morning. she is amazing!

these are from our last night there. the moon was unreal. 

i hate having our camera on the boat, it freaks me out! so basically pierce made 95% of this video and i'm so grateful because i love it.

Paris TewsComment