Roadtrip to Banff

We had a wedding in super Northern Idaho, practically the Canadian border this past weekend. We've been looking forward to it all summer.  Last week we decided to make the trip a couple days early and visit Banff! We've been dying to see it in person ever since we saw pictures of it online a few months ago. This was the perfect opportunity!

The drive was so long, but honestly I didn't mind it a bit. It was so fun to spend that time uninterrupted with Pierce before I started school back up. And I was killing it on my editing game the way up there!!! So it felt productive, and I got to be with my guy.

Right before and right after we crossed the border we were just in awe.  It's SO beautiful.  We stopped so many times to fly the drone and take pictures, we were obsessed! 

We started our drive at 5 AM and finally made it to our hotel at 1:00 AM. Only to find there was no one at the front desk, even though we had called ahead and they confirmed that someone would be there to check us in! So we are totally exhausted waiting in the lobby for 30 min, wondering if anyone is going to show up. Haha we were knocking on the staff doors, calling anyone we could think of, and dozing off in the chairs.  Finally someone just casually walks up and was like "sorry bout that" and checks us in....!?!? I was so mad because we were so tired but Pierce was all W H A T E V A so i decided to chill out haha. but seriously, annoying right!?

We slept in a little the next morning, hit up the grocery store, and went to peyto lake! this place, i kid you not, is bluer in real life. we were amazed. we had a really chill day just exploring the scenery and finished it off at the yummiest healthy restaurant in banff!

annnddd pierce jumped in this glacier water.  and then made me do it. pierce loves water and so he insisted we bring our wetsuits. there was a crowd of tourists taking pictures of this lake and seeing how long they could put their feet in the water when pierce and i started swimming out to the middle of the lake haha! it was so so cold it hurt, but definitely something i'll remember forever.

so yes, pierce. i'm glad you made me do it. 

on our drive home from watching the sun set over lake louise, we pulled off the freeway to take more pictures of the beautiful sky. we couldn't resist.

and the next morning we woke up before the sun to see the sun rise over lake moraine. only to miss it by about 5 minutes haha. it was still one of the most breathtaking sites.  we left that afternoon to make it back to our wedding in Washington/idaho.

and that wedding, you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my favorites i've ever done. the sweetest, most beautiful couple! and the reception was in her family's orchard. i could die. it was so incredible. and i actually took the photos for this wedding. pierce flew the drone a bunch and so i actually took quite a lot of the video as well, haha! but we had the best time working together and with this awesome couple. i seriously can not wait to share the video!!

thanks for reading! :)

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