Catch Up

woah. this little blog of mine has been neglected lately. 

it feels like we got back from peru yesterday but we've done so much since then. it's full on wedding season, and we are working hard! and honestly we're really enjoying it.  it feels good to be progressing and i'm so grateful for all of our incredible couples that chose us to capture their special day!

we are big believers in the phrase, "work hard, play hard." and right now it's our time to work haha. and of course play as much as we can in between. here's a recap from our past few weeks:

it was my best friend's birthday

we spent some time in the uintas

we shot so many weddings

two of our best friends married each other

one of our best friends married a girl we love in california

anyway, sorry this post is ridiculously scatter brained but what can i say? i have a long long to do list and i leave town again tomorrow!

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