Peru Part One

we are home from a life changing experience. our hearts are so full. this was a work trip for pierce and i, we were there to document the whole thing! because of that, we have soooo many pictures it's ridiculous. i'm just going to post a few today, i don't have all of them with me but i couldn't wait to blog about it!

we spent the first day traveling to Piura, where we stayed in a beautiful hotel and wandered the city. that first night in piura we went to a "discoteca" and it was such a blast! pierce and i don't drink alcohol, but all our friends wanted to go and it was our first club experience haha. we had a blast drinking our agua and dancing the night away. the next morning we travelled to the very top of the andes mountains. we had a four hour bus ride to the town of frias and then we had to get on trucks to take the last hour. it was the bumpiest ride of my liifee. when we finally arrived we were greeted with cold fresh mountain air and the sweet villagers of meseta andina.  

there we spent the next few days serving in the freezing cold. we were all unprepared for the weather but we all loved getting to know the wonderful, grateful people. one of the absolute highlights was a soccer game we played against the villagers. well, actually, i watched. i asked pierce what position i was going to play and he just laughed... it was apparently pretty competitive and i was not considered an asset lol.  

after a few life changing days we said goodbye and packed up to make the trek back down to piura. from piura we travelled to cusco which we adored. we also adored eating real food again. and sleeping in beds. 

from cusco we took a train to aguas calientes, the machu picchu basecamp. the next morning we watched the sun come up over the andes mountains. it was absolutely breathtaking. i loved being there with pierce.

i feel so lucky pierce and i had the opportunity to be surrounded by some incredible people with an experience that will touch us forever. the more i travel, the more i crave it! this was our last big trip for a while, and i'm so grateful for it! and i'm grateful we didn't get zika (i think).

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