on wednesday afternoon i was searching for flights (a frequent habit of mine) and i found a decent deal to hawaii for the long weekend! on a total whim i bought tickets and we were on our way a couple of hours later. pierce was definitely surprised haha! it was all such a whirlwind it really was spectacular. it felt surreal to be on the island. and really truly it was meant to be for us to be there this weekend. we loved getting to spend time with my sister sav and her friends. we hiked to spectacular views and ate some of the best food i've ever had. we got to zipline (thanks brandt & abby!!!) and rock climb next to the ocean. pierce and i fell so in love with this place & the people & the FOOD. we will definitely be back as soon as we possibly can!

after i had taken the red eye flight but before i had jumped in the ocean and my hair tripled in size.

i love how close these two are!

hahah my fav.

we rock climbed with this view!

CAMRI RICHEY. i adore this girl. she is my sister's best friend and pierce and i loved her long before we met her! being with her this weekend was an incredible experience for pierce and i. she is amazing and we are so grateful we got to be with her and my sister on saturday.

sometimes i feel like we can be a little irresponsible or make rash decisions. but honestly that's what i love about being young. i know one day i'll look back and there will be things i regret, but one of them won't be not living life to its fullest. and i'm proud of that!

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