Neon Canyon

Hello, we're insane. At least it feels that way. 

Pierce and I strongly believe in the motto: "work hard, play harder." And to cope with being off the paradise of the North Shore, we set off on an adventure in Southern Utah and got quite a bit more than we bargained for. 

On Friday I had a wedding and immediately after I finished getting shots I met pierce and some of our friends, we loaded up the car and headed toward escalante. we set up camp in the dark and slept a short five hours under the stars before the sun woke us up. not that we cared because we were so excited for our day! we started hiking down to the canyon just before 9 am and before noon we were so lost haha. we went the wrong way and added miles onto the trip plus extra time in the sun. 2/5 of our group was suffering from heat exhaustion and we were all hot as heecckk.  we knew there was a river so we kept going to make it there. once we found the river we were all feeling so rejuvenated and continued to the canyon. one of our friends had been there before but when we were walking along the top of the canyon he couldn't remember where we were supposed to drop in! so we ended up hiking too far up the canyon, rappelling into it in what we hoped was a safe place and were in the canyon! once there we had to change into our wetsuits. even though it was 100 degrees, that deep in the canyon it was freezing!!!! we had to make several swims through the slot canyons and stinky water and i was shaking so badly because it was freezing. since we had gone up too far we were in the canyon for much longer than we had anticipated and had to do three more rappels than we were planning on! we finally got to the last rappel at golden cathedral and it was absolutely unbelievable and what we had come for! it seriously felt so amazing after a hard day to make that beautiful rappel. it was absolutely unreal.

after we rappelled we hiked out the canyon to find the sun muccchhh lower than comfortable. we quickly realized we weren't going to make it safely to our car before dark. and with how lost we got on the way there, we didn't think we had a shot at navigating our way back. thanks to some friendly strangers, we were able to start a fire. we had a little bit of water left, but our food had all been destroyed by the slot canyons.  the campers we met were so good to us and gave us a pasta dish. it must have been quite a scene, five very dirty adults huddled around one meal devouring it with our fingers! after a long, restless, very cold night, we woke up at first light and headed back to our car! making it there was the best feeling. haha i think we are going to take a break from hiking for a while, we are still exhausted and traumatized! and that's the last time we go on a long day trip without a GPS, lights, layers, and a first aid kit... in our defense, we had no idea how intense it was going to be haha!

From National Geographic: "After spending three hours in a slot canyon filled with massive boulders, snakes, spiders, stagnant water, decaying animals, deadly falls, and extremely narrow canyon walls ...the Golden Cathedral"

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