Fry Canyon

Last weekend was one of the best.  Friday night we camped in southern utah and woke up to pierce blasting music trying to get us moving haha.  We had set up our camp completely in the dark so it was so fun to see how amazing of a campsite it was in the morning. 

by 8:30 we had everything packed up and ready to go and had started our hike.  the one we went on a few weeks ago was so hot so it was a nice surprise that we were in the shade for so much of it! we only rappelled once into this beautiful slot canyon. it was unbelievable, despite the nasty smell and dead animals lol. we loved it.

we finished the whole trip before 1 and decided to go to another canyon! but about ten minutes into the hike we realized that there were storm clouds near where we were going. the scariest thing about canyoneering is flash floods and we felt like it'd be reckless to trap ourselves in there. but it was all for the best because on the most beautiful drive we found a spot on lake powell to jump into. it felt incredible to jump into the cool water after being in the sun. and we are all obsessed with powell so just being there was amazing.

we topped off the day at the ever so classic stan's burger joint and stuffed ourselves silly. 

we are pretty much hooked on this whole canyoneering thing... we can't wait to go again!

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