San Francisco

We are back from our quick trip to San Francisco! It was our first time there and we LOVED it. It was so sunny and beautiful. By far my favorite area was Mill Valley just outside of the city it was seriously breathtaking. We were there working for lgcy power, and it was so cool to learn more about that company and the amazing things they're doing! it was so busy and exhausting but so fun as well!

selfies with the golden gate bridge ;)

sat here and watched the surfers... one of the trip highlights! also just a few yards away a tv episode was being filmed! it was so cool to see.

muir woods was breathtaking!

this was one of the most gorgeous spots we visited and there were like two other people there. it was so cool to see something so big and beautiful. seriously, this world amazes me. and the more i see of it the more i crave to see.

Paris TewsComment