Sailing Thailand

Thailand was a dream.  The people were warm and kind, the weather was perfect, and the food was delicious.  Something I was so in awe of this trip was how much variety we experienced! We kayaked, rock climbed, snorkeled, explored caves, explored downtown, visited temples, stayed on a boat, resort, and air bnb. Every day there was something completely new and exciting! I will literally always remember this trip, it was honestly epic.  And going with my family and some amazing friends just made everything that much better.

We took the dinghy out to explore one morning and stumbled upon the coolest cave! Someone had been living there and built bamboo scaffolding that climbed so high! We figured out that it was to forage a bird's nest to make birds nest soup, a Chinese delicacy!

This night we anchored off the shore near the Ritz Carlton! We all got dressed up (kinda haha) and had dinner there. It was so beautiful, the ambience was unreal, and it was the best thai food I've ever had! And I eat a lot of Thai food...

The Joyce's parents have been to Thailand a few times before, and sailed each time! So not a minute was wasted, every detail was perfectly planned out and maximized! We are so lucky we got to go with them. And they are the greatest friends, and have been since I was a little girl.

One day we sailed up to this gorgeous beach in the middle of the sea and we were the only ones there. We snorkeled and swam over and it was so much fun to play in the water and have the place to ourselves!

My mom caught me making drip castles. :) Also, my back and head are so sandy because I was just chilling laying in the sand and I kid you not I still have soooo much sand in my scalp haha. 

Another beautiful beach on Ko Racha! We got there early one morning and had the island to ourselves for about an hour until a ton of tourists came by the boatload!

This is Railay Beach where we rock climbed! 

The last night we stayed at an air bnb in Phuket, it was so cool we debated staying there all night! But it was also our only night to explore so we went to Old Town Phuket and I loved it because it was different from everywhere else we'd been!

I loved seeing my husband and some of my oldest friends bond!

Pierce and I always have this struggle when we travel... Do we focus on the video and have something amazing to look back on or do we completely abandon it and just try to soak it all in? We chose the latter when we went to the UK last summer and have regretted it ever since! So this trip we tried to have a better balance! We didn't use our stabilizer very much because it's a pain when traveling but I'm still SO happy that we will always have this to remember this trip by! And I hope so badly we'll be able to go back again one day.