I Need Sunshine

Provo is killing me! I love the sun so much. Whenever I tell someone I'm from Colorado they think the weather is the same there as Utah. TOTAL MYTH. Colorado is so much sunnier so even though it snows the sun is always shining and it's glorious.  We were needing a little more sunshine so last weekend we packed up and went to Vegas! 

We loved climbing in Red Rock, going to the Las Vegas temple, eating at a delicious healthy restaurant, and being with friends. And on the way home we stopped in St. George and spent the afternoon with my aunt and her little kids! They are so adorable and so sweet. Seriously every time we hang out with them Pierce and I have the conversation: if our kids aren't as cute as them we have to be okay with it.... because there's just no way we can get kids THAT perfect haha.

Paris TewsComment