Beijing, China

Woah. I literally can't believe we are home from the trip we have been planning for over a year! It was so weird going back to school today with nothing having changed. As if I didn't just have the most insane experience.  Haha I know that it's silly but it was so weird to jump back into normal life!

In China we stayed in the coolest Hutong, which is basically an ancient neighborhood in China.  We had a courtyard that connected our three small rooms, literally in the middle of an alleyway. China is SO DIFFERENT FROM AMERICA! It was so cool to experience such a different culture. And my dad speaks Chinese so we were able to really immerse ourselves in the city and get away from all the tourist-y areas!

Us after getting dropped off by the taxi near our Airbnb... We travelled with 19 bags between the 8 of us... And we all packed our clothes in carry-ons! But we also packed a ton of food for the boat, inflatable kayaks, and all our rock climbing gear. We had so much stuff!

Outside of our place!

This photo was taken while we were being pulled by a bike! So many people there ride the funkiest variations of motorized bicycles haha and one day we hitched a ride on one. :)

The Forbidden City.

One day I accidentally ate gluten and had a super upset stomach... I usually try not to drink soda but when I'm sick it's heaven sent!

Being at the Great Wall of China was surreal.

One of the highlights of the trip was everyone stopping to ask us to take pictures! Seriously I bet there are selfies of my family on about half of China's social media! Hahah okay that is definitely an exaggeration... but seriously so many selfies! This cute group of girls stopped us outside of Beijing Olympic Stadium. Everyone was in awe by how many of us there were in just one family!

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