First Look

SO as you're reading this I'm probably in Thailand! But I finished up this video before we left and just had to share it! But I didn't want to show the bride's dress before her wedding day so I scheduled it to post today--happy wedding day Bryce & Hannah! 

This couple is seriously the sweetest. And we love how it's just so blatantly obvious how in love they are.

I thought for this shoot it would be fun to get some behind the scenes pictures and give a little idea what it's like to shoot with us! 

This was shot alongside Alix Loosle -- she did our bridals too so it was a fun throwback. :) One of my favorite parts about doing videography is how much it's influenced by the photographer. They are usually the ones doing the majority of the posing and directing and I feel like it always gives us a little challenge to make it ours and work with whatever they're doing! But it's so fun to work alongside such creative, talented people! 

GORGEOUS, right?! I can't wait to see the pictures Alix got, she's so talented and this location was amazing. It was so pretty and the lighting was perfect. If you follow me on snapchat maybe you also saw the nice cow poop everywhere too hahaha.

This particular shoot was just a one camera shoot and Pierce works the best with our stabilizer so I mostly held stuff and bossed Pierce around haha.

The password is bryceloveshannah :)

So, there's a little look at what goes on behind the scenes and the final product! If you have any questions about videography, please leave a comment and ask. I have loved video forever and even though I've still got a ton to learn I would love to help teach others what I know so no one has to make the same mistakes I did!

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