random tidbits of christmas

We got home from Colorado last night and it's so bittersweet to be home in Utah. A quick recap of our trip:

I worked out with my mom and her friends.  We did pilates, yoga, and cycling. I got my butt kicked but it was SO FUN.  So now I'm all inspired.  If you know of any great gyms in South Salt Lake or need a workout buddy h m u.

We skied. A lot.  I am just learning and am loving it even more than I had hoped! But PIERCE, man that boy is in love.  He skied 40,000 vertical feet in one day and came back limping because he wrecked his toe. Haha he pulled the whole thing out and it went back for more. 

We saw Passengers, Rogue One, and Lalaland.  Something about going to a movie is so much fun to me.  Pierce and I both loved Passengers! I apologize to all Star Wars fans but I thought Rogue One was pretty dumb.  I cried in Lalaland and I'm pretty much in love.  It's probably not for everyone, but it made me want to sing and dance and chase my dreams and love on my man.

I am SO IN LOVE WITH SETTING GOALS. I am a big time believer that those who know what they want, get what they want.  Right now I'm doing some serious self reflection and trying to decide what I want for myself in 2017.  So do me a favor? Share with me your goals for 2017, I could use some inspiration!


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