pierce and i had a dreamy lil getaway to celebrate my 21st birthday.

he booked the tickets and hotel as a surprise months ago, and then pretty last minute we booked two california weddings in october! he was planning on it being a fun surprise and but ended up telling me before we went because it was our third time there in a month lol. it was honestly the best because we haven't had a true vacation in forever.

we live our lives by the motto: "work hard, play hard."  but this weekend, all we did was veg hard. it was sooo unlike us but so nice for a minute. by the end we were dying to have something to work on, which was good because we started packing and completely moved out on monday. ;)

a few things we did do:

ate donuts. every day. we are both gluten free and the only place i've ever had a yummy gf donut is in california. annnnddd it was my birthday so i lived it up.

pierce played in the freezing waves while i read a novel.

we went to a movie in downtown disney (after we opted out of disneyland haha)

ate at my very favorite cafe gratitude

shopped a lil at fashion island

also something crazy happened on friday (my birthday). i got a call from my sweet mom saying there was a huge fire and their neighborhood got evacuated and their house was in danger of burning.  she was downtown and could see the smoke but didn't have the opportunity to grab any special keepsakes.  pierce and i tried to book a flight to go see them, we hated not being with them at such a scary time.  the fire ended up burning 200 acres and they were able to contain it just in time.  it made me so incredibly grateful for the brave souls that protected the community! and i'm so thankful everyone is safe.

we are honestly in a big transition phase right now, pierce is getting more serious about his job and i'm not going to be in school and doing video full time next semester. and we just moved closer to the SLC area and even though it's not too far from our old home, it definitely feels like we are starting over.

i want to always remember this phase in our life.  just the two of us (plus goldie), our lives getting less simple by the day, chasing our dreams, succeeding, and definitely having our fails as well.  i'm only 21, and some days i feel so young. others i feel old and as though life is flying by. I loved having this weekend to be completely lazy and set some goals for the upcoming year.

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