The Last of Christmas Break

It's always nice to be done with a break & come home and feel so inspired and rejuvenated! The trick is making it last. Definitely something I'm working on this new year BUT I think I'll probably post about my new year's resolutions later so I'll spare the details for now! In the meantime I wanted to share the last little bit of our Christmas break in Colorado.

We had the best intentions of throwing a NYE party, but then ended up deciding we were more feeling a night in.  We had chocolate fondue (best tradition!) and made a giant mega bed and watched James Bond. Definitely a really low key, but fun NYE with my family!

I also got to go dress shopping with Gabby and her mom, which was such a treat! We went to the place I got my dress from and it was SO fun and exciting to get to do it for her this time! She seriously looked flawless in everything she tried on, it was impossible to dislike a single dress. 

And we finished the trip off at a climbing gym in Denver! I didn't actually climb because I went straight from the dress appointment, but it was the coooolest gym so at least I got to see it and get stoked to come back!

Also, Pierce and I launched and are so excited about it! Go check it out!

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