Portland Part Two

Pierce's birthday was on Saturday, and on Sunday we got on mormon.org to find out where we could go to church, only to go to that church find out it was stake conference that day! Whoops. But we did get to see the beautiful Portland temple. It is surrounded by huge trees that are absolutely breathtaking. And of course it felt amazing to be on temple grounds, I can always feel the spirit so strong there.

Before we left we went to Multnomah Falls and were so blown away... I wish pictures could do it justice.

I love this picture because it's Pierce Facetiming my little sister Savanna. We are all so close and it's the best. We obviously had to show her Multnomah Falls!

When Pierce and I went to the UK this summer we had the best time.  It also made us realize how little of the US we've seen, which is one reason we went to Portland for Pierce's birthday. What are your favorite US cities we need to go to this summer? We are trying to plan out our summer and would love all the help we can get!

On that note, if you're engaged or about to get engaged and want us to do your video... make sure to get in touch ASAP! We already have several dates booked and are finalizing travel plans. But we want to shoot you so make sure to send me an email!

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