Pierce's Golden Birthday

Pierce in a word, is special. He is unlike anyone I've ever known.  His heart is pure gold and he can make friends with anyone.  He is positive, fun loving, and Christ-like. I am confident I'm the luckiest girl to share a life with him.  

He spoiled me rotten for my birthday and I was sooo nervous about his. He is so sweet and I knew he'd be happy with anything but I wanted him to feel spoiled.  So I planned us a trip to Portland, Oregon! I was so nervous because I didn't get him a single present and I didn't know how we were going to get around but I had an itinerary I knew he'd love!  It ended up being a dream come true.  I surprised him and we left early Friday morning! On our way out I couldn't find my passport... I always lose everything. Why would I need my passport to travel to Oregon? I lost my driver's license haha! Classic. Pierce is definitely the responsible one and oh so patient with my shortcomings! BUT luckily we found my passport in the knick of time and it wasn't an issue! 

Friday we spent the day exploring downtown -- to see all of what we did go check out the travel guide we made over at Unmap

Saturday was Pierce's birthday and we went to the coast.  If you know Pierce you know how he adores the beach & when he decided he wanted to brave the winter weather and surf I was all in! We were so blown away by the Oregon Coast, it was unbelievable.  And we had the beach to ourselves.  It was honestly a day I don't think I'll ever forget. This sounds soooo cheesy but honestly I felt so alive and so whole there on the beach with my husband, happy as can be.

Pierce did not want me to post this picture because it looks like he's frolicking haha. But in reality he just ran out to feel the water because he couldn't wait and the picture was magic and I couldn't resist.

I adore this boy and the way we spent his 23rd birthday.

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