Best of 2015

Immediately after it ends, I always look back on the year with fond memories. I always get all sentimental and grateful for everything that has happened over the course of twelve months. 2015, however, was extra special. I have so many memories I absolutely treasure in the last year.

We went to California (multiple times)

We visited Zion

Took so so so so many road trips

There was a beautiful celebration thrown for us in Vegas

I married my darling

We moved into our first little home (& out!)

We fell in love with camping & outdoor rock climbing

We filmed our first wedding together & began doing it professionally

We went on a completely spontaneous trip to London

We fell madly in love with Scotland

We started a business

We created new traditions of our own & continued some with my family

We adopted our sweet little pup, Goldie

I got to watch my best friend get engaged to her dream man

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family

This year is precious to me. It is the year we had so many firsts together.  It is the year we set goals--we had our fair share of failures and triumphs.  I am so thankful. My heart is so full. I honestly can say this is the first year of my life I am genuinely sad to see go. But I am so excited to see what this new year will bring to our little family.


Paris Tews2 Comments