Gabby's Engaged!!!

!!!!! Ahh! I am so happy my heart might explode! Gabs and I have been best friends since freshman year of high school. Since then we've graduated, road tripped, Gabby got baptized, she was my bridesmaid, we moved up to Utah, and last night I got to be a part of her proposal! She was glowing. I am so so happy for these two, they are perfect together and I know they are going to do the most amazing things as a couple.

Patrick asked Gabby to marry him at The Chocolate where they went on their first date. Pierce and I, and some of Gabby and I's girlfriends ad been scheming all week. She thought we we're meeting up for our Christmas gift exchange, but was so surprised to find Patch there instead of us girls! I am so so happy. I know I keep saying it but these two are so happy together and that just makes my heart swell! Love them both! I'll post the video soon :) 

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