This break has been so wonderful. Being with my family and taking time off of school and work has been so needed for me.

I am not a very sentimental person, especially when it comes to things and traditions. BUT, come Christmastime, I have such a clearly defined vision of what it should be! My whole family knows this about me, and when we walked inside after we had just gotten home, Christmas music was playing, the tree was lit, and there was potpurri burning on the stove. We felt so loved and excited to be home.

Since we have been here we’ve skied, watched movies, and went to Breckenridge! And driven through lots of quaint little neighborhoods dreaming about the day when we move back here and grow our little family!  

I am so excited for this upcoming week, NYE and one of my best friends is getting married on Wednesday and I can hardly wait for her wedding! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and I hope you got to spend it with the people you love. XO

Paris TewsComment