We're Going on a Tree Hunt

On Saturday we packed up the car and took one of the most beautiful 2-hour drives I've ever been on. It is our first Christmas as the Tews family and we couldn't wait any longer to start celebrating it! We fell head over heels for this tree and were both giddy excited the whole time. We know it's early but we can't help ourselves. :)


This place was absolutely breathtaking. It's so fun to discover beautiful new places we've never been before.  BUT the downside is that at some point along the drive the car that we share had some issues and we ended up having to pay $500 to fix something that seemed like the silliest problem to me. Dang it. Although I am trying to be positive about it haha. 

Anyway I hope you are enjoying this weather and getting so excited to celebrate Thanksgiving (and Christmas!!!).

Paris TewsComment