Hello, November

It's November 10th and I am still completely floored that it's November. The past few days have been crazy. We had Pierce's mom come to town, shot a wedding, and my sister came to town! And now I have four midterms this week... Say a little prayer for me! Even though we've been so busy we have loved it and so enjoyed having company.


We drove up to do some senior pictures for my sister... I can't believe she's going to be going to college soon! But I am SO excited for her, she's going to BYU Hawaii in the spring and I really really hope we are going to be able to go visit her.

We had so much fun taking these pictures. I did senior photos one summer for a job and I forgot how much I like it. I am thinking about offering a few shoots again! ALSO: I know, she has the best hair ever. She owns a business selling the salt spray she uses called Tossd.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 11.07.46 AM.png

We took Pierce's mom to see some of our favorite places in Utah. And then we chased snow and were not disappointed. I am so in love with the Holiday season and the snow that comes with it! 

I hope you are enjoying your November!