woohoo, my birthday finally came! yesterday was a blast. it began with pierce waking me up dark & early so excited he couldn't sleep.  then i opened all my presents and ate birthday cereal.  growing up we always got to pick a sugary cereal for our birthday breakfast. pierce continued this tradition and i got cap'n crunch for breakfast. :) 


pierce surprised me by ordering this amazing cake from annie bee cakery. gluten free and out of this world. 


the night before my birthday i went to taste with some girlfriends. if you live near provo and have never been, you seriously need to. yesterday. so fun. best girls around.

after dinner. he's hot.

we finished the day with a hike and a dip in the most freezing river just for kicks. hence the swimsuit with the hoodie. then pierce had a bunch of our friends over for cake and ice cream. i felt so loved and so spoiled. and thank you so so much for all of the birthday wishes! 

and this weekend pierce surprised me with a trip up to park city! so i can't wait for that. it really has been a week long celebration. i am so spoiled but not mad about it.

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