A Tribute to Summer


Well, it finally happened. School started and we kissed summer goodbye.

This summer is one I will seriously treasure forever.

I don't want to forget any of it, the good or the bad. So I want to share my "high points and low points" of summer. It has always been my family tradition to share the highs and lows of the day at dinner, and I want to have that to remember of our first summer together.

High Points:

Our Wedding (!!!!!)

Honeymoon in Cancun

Last minute trip to the U.K.

Seeing friends get married

Starting businesses

Seeing Bon Iver

Falling in love with Eau Claire

Living in our little house

Discovering we love Magnum bars

Savanna coming to visit

Making new friends

Capturing weddings for the sweetest brides


Rock climbing and falling in love with Maple Canyon

Lake Powell

Spending time with people we love

Working together and spending every minute together

Low Points:

Pierce breaking his wrist

Staying in sketchy places

The pictures from the temple getting lost

Stressing about money

Having trademark issues and starting back at square one with a business

Getting ripped off in Cancun

Burning one too many dinners (oops)

Missing my little sisters' dance recital

Leaving our house for an apartment

Here's a little disclaimer about those low points though... I love them. They are ours. They bring us together. Granted, it would be nice to avoid them, I know I will always look back on them and be happy. I don't share the low points to complain or be negative, I share them because they are part of our history and they matter to me. I also know how lucky I am to have had such amazing experiences this summer and I'm so glad I got to experience them with my best friend.

***Photo by Ashlee Brooke Photography***

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