Scotland is definitely up there on my "favorite places" list. We fell in love with it immediately. So much so that we decided to cancel our stay in Manchester and spend the whole last week of our trip there! We adored the Scott's pride in their country and the history behind all of the beautiful architecture. I probably should've made two posts out of Scotland... but instead I crammed a ton of pictures into this one. :)


Note the rainbow... Also the storm clouds! I was all proud of myself for packing in such a small bag until I got to Scotland and was freezing cold the whole time and also wore the same thing basically everyday haha.DSC07588

These guys were cracking us up. See that fabric around the standing guys legs? So when we first saw them, it was covering both of them, and we had no idea what was going on but we could see them both wiggling under there and at one point the top guys whole foot was poking out and I lost it. DSC07855 DSC07599 DSC07601 DSC07605 DSC07612 DSC07618

The Elephant House is where JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter book. She said it was cheaper to buy a hot cup of coffee than to heat her flat so she came here! I was fan-girling like no other! My dad and I have read those books together since I was in kindergarten. We also saw a couple of universities that potentially inspired Hogwarts. AND we spent Harry Potter's birthday in Edinburgh, where the books were born... There are all kinds of geeky fireworks going off in my brain.DSC07621 DSC07662 DSC07663 DSC07672 DSC07684 DSC07693

So if you follow me on insta, you would've seen that I posted about how we skipped out on bus passes to buy Turkish food. Well, this was the Turkish restaurant and I am still having dreams about it. So delicious! And we liked the whole "ride the bus less eat more food" idea, so we adopted it for the rest of the trip! We only bought a bus pass on Sunday to get to the church. And the other days... we walked, and oh boy did we eat. DSC07707 DSC07719 DSC07736  IMG_1573

A trip highlight was bumping into Elder Shubin in Falkirk! "Bumping into" meaning tracking down his address and knocking on his door... He comes home in less than two weeks and we can't wait to have him back permanently! We are so proud of his hard work in the Scotland/Ireland mission!IMG_1679

Recognize this? You might if you've seen the movie Skyfall...We took a tour one day all the way up to Loch Ness! And had lots of stops in cool little towns on the way. I was so proud of Pierce because he wanted fish and chips so badly, but said no to them a few times because they are gluten free. And then at one stop we found some yummy GF fish & chips! I was so excited for him haha! IMG_1743IMG_1830We did this beautiful hike in Edinburgh. The view was out of this world. IMG_1845DSC07816 Scotland, we love love you.