I have to pinch myself to make me believe that this trip was real... Just over a week before this trip the sweetest girl sent me a message on IG. She told me that she had two tickets to the U.K. that she last minute wasn't going to be able to use. So we worked out a deal to do some videography for her and we put the tickets in our name! It was all such a whirlwind, before we knew it we were in London!

This whole trip we felt like we were flying by the seats of our pants. We had almost no plans, and no time to save up for the trip. It made it such a unique experience because we didn't feel any pressure at all. We made a tentative plan when we arrived to make sure we saw everything we wanted to see. And we spent our days eating like 1 small meal a day + lots of treats hahahah. And we stayed in the sketchiest part of London! It was on the outskirts and there were no hotels or tourists just us, some flatmates, and a lot of people I avoided eye contact with. We didn't really do our research before we picked a place to stay... whoops! Our flat was also a "smoker's welcome" flat, and Pierce and I don't smoke, but our flatmates sure did! Haha it was quite the experience but it was definitely good motivation to get on the tube and spend the whole day out and about in central London!


This made my heart skip a beat.

DSC07579 DSC07559 DSC07556Fun fact: I discovered Pierce loves macarons more than I do...  DSC07487 DSC07448 DSC07446Until next time, London!