Elder Jenson


Our new favorite missionary gave his farewell in our home ward last Sunday and we couldn't miss it.  So we've spent the last few days in Colorado and have loved every minute but are dreading saying goodbye to Chandler for the next two years! I feel like this trip is kind of our last hurrah before summer is over, I can feel it slipping away! The past two days have been kind of cold... I'm kind of excited!4R9A5079

Just a little backstory... Pierce and Chandler are like brothers. Chase, Chandler's older brother and Pierce have been best friends since high school. And my family is really close with their family, like we get together for birthdays and Christmas and we all absolutely adore each other. So the Jensons are like family to both of us and it's the best.4R9A5331

He gave the BEST farewell, I am so proud of who he is! The people of Chile are lucky!4R9A5721

So we actually don't always ride our bikes like this... Just pretty frequently since my bike got stolen hahaha.4R9A5992

This night my family went downtown to Biju's little curry shop for our favorite Indian dinner with the intent to leave to go to the Rockies game. We ended up staying so long talking to Biju about our dreams and all of his business success. It was so fun! I love the way my family lives and thinks. It's so inspiring to us.4R9A5989 4R9A5986ALSO: We just updated our new video website, go check it out! And we are offering 25% off any package for September weddings if you mention this post! Woohoo!