Camping and Birthdays


Thursday was my friend Rachel's birthday and so Friday night we headed up a canyon and set up camp in celebration. What is it about sleeping outside that is so fun? I'm not totally sure but I'm in love with it. I'm so torn right now. We've had the best summer, so full of spontaneity and adventure. It has been incredible. I only have one week left before I start school and I find myself needing to be productive but also wanting so badly to maximize these last few precious days of summer.4R9A6314 4R9A6325 4R9A6348 4R9A6380 4R9A6409 4R9A6416 4R9A6451 4R9A6460 4R9A6475 4R9A6477 4R9A6487Where are your favorite places to camp? Either in Utah or Colorado? I love Green Mountain Reservoir in Co!