I am so so excited to be posting the pictures from our wedding day! I am so in love with them all, our photographer captured everything so well. Because of a faulty memory card, I don't have any pictures with our bridal party, or visiting friends and family from outside the temple. I'm so sad about it but so grateful for our video and the pictures that we do have! And thank you so much to everyone who reached out to me... It really meant the world!IMG_0594 IMG_0656IMG_0859IMG_0652IMG_0627IMG_0824 2IMG_0666IMG_0732IMG_1436IMG_1160 IMG_1309 IMG_1325These are 6 of my 7 bridesmaids! Pierce's sister that I absolutely adore was one as well! I'm so sad we lost the pictures with her BUT I am so happy she was a bridesmaid :)IMG_1371IMG_0763IMG_1671IMG_0944IMG_1803IMG_2034IMG_1734IMG_1468IMG_1650IMG_2311IMG_2180IMG_2215IMG_2230IMG_2300IMG_2316IMG_2650IMG_2582IMG_2532IMG_2530IMG_2490IMG_2424IMG_2384IMG_2357IMG_2351IMG_1461IMG_1734IMG_1085IMG_2320My new sister in law, Skye! She is an angel.IMG_0684IMG_2333IMG_2328IMG_2337 2My dad is seriously the kindest person. I treasure our relationship more than I could ever put into words! IMG_2688IMG_2705IMG_2734 This day was my favorite day. As we drove away we kept pinching ourselves. It didn't seem real. The love and support we felt was unreal. Celebrating our love with so many people we love was bliss.