Eaux Claires


  If you know Pierce and I you know how much we love Bon Iver. Before his mission, we went to their concert at Red Rocks. Pierce had found a steal of a deal on Craigslist and we ended up with front row tickets. It was magical. We definitely consider it part of our love story. Pierce told me later that that was the night he knew he wanted to marry me. And five months later, he sent me a package for my birthday. In it was a Bon Iver CD and our ticket stubs from that night. I know... I am so in love with him!!!

So when he found out that Bon Iver had split, we were so bummed that we'd never get to relive that night! BUT then Justin Vernon announced this music festival in Eau Claire, WI and we knew we had to go. Bon Iver would be performing for the first time in years! So for Valentine's day I got Pierce tickets and we've been so excited ever since.

Pierce was born in Greenbay, and I've never been to Wisconsin, so I loved getting to see the state he was born in!

DSC06913 Go listen to the song "Holocene," and you will understand why we were so excited about these streets...  DSC06901

We were on a major budget so we stayed in these ancient dorms! They didn't have AC or private bathrooms... but they inspired the song "Towers" so we didn't mind. :) DSC06948 I used to hate PDA... Now I beg Pierce to take kissy pics with me hahaha. This picture was taken the first day we got there, after a red-eye flight and long nap, we went downtown to find something to do! We were so excited to see Eau Claire but so sleepy at the same time. We found this little soda and game lounge and fell in love. We grabbed some old fashioned bottles of soda and spent the rest of the night playing Operation and Trivial Pursuit and laughing our heads off. It is officially one of my favorite memories of all time. It's funny how often the most magical experiences are the unplanned ones. DSC06967

Bon Iver was the closing act on day 2 of the festival. We didn't want to come so far only to get a bad spot, so we camped out in front of the stage all day. We got there around 1 and they didn't play until 10! Annnddd it was over 90 degrees. And humid. We earned those front row spots!!! But while we were waiting we did get to hear Sufjan Stevens and S. Carey in the distance! Kind of ripped my heart out and kind of made me happy. :) DSC06955DSC06976DSC06935DSC07160   DSC07267 DSC07295DSC07222