Back To Colorado


We are back in Colorado for a minute! I already announced this on my instagram (@paristews), but Pierce and I have started a business! We have so loved working with Thread Wallets and love the couple we worked with! But we are now so excited to move on to do our own business! This has always been a dream of ours. I am so happy about it -- giddy actually! Go check out The Pivot Supply, and follow along. :) And thank you a million to everyone who has been so supportive of us and all our crazy ideas. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing support system! I seriously adore you all.

As we were putting our ideas together to create something concrete, we decided to head to Denver. It's such an inspiring environment for us. And here we have the best mentors ever, my parents! We adore them. Since we've been here we've had so many valuable conversations and made amazing memories. One was downtown trying to figure out just what our next move will be. IMG_0352IMG_0346He is so sweet. This was a candid my mom snapped while Pierce was trying to to convince me to let us move to Downtown Denver. Haha we are definitely trying to figure out what we want. It's scary and exciting all wrapped up into one confusing bundle!

IMG_0308 IMG_0305Madeline is so sweet. She just turned twelve and she waited until we got home to go to the temple for the first time. Just Pierce and I got to take her and it was so special! She is a sweetheart and her enthusiasm was so contagious and helped me remember how amazing it all is!  IMG_0373

Pierce and I were delivered hand picked wildflowers from these beauties. :) IMG_0302We decided that when we have kids we are going to have Ava train them to be just like her. She's an angel!


Sav came to Utah to visit us and we had the best time hanging out (eating our way through SLC and provo). I am a firm believer that sisters are an absolute necessity. I have a brother I love equally as much but he's been at a basketball camp which is the only reason he's been mostly excluded in this post ;) FullSizeRenderI may miss Utah a little bit. And I definitely miss our friends and this killer climbing spot. But for now being home is a dream!