PT Video


So our wedding was a dream. My life isn't perfect, our relationship isn't perfect, and I don't want to pretend like it is. But this day, in my mind, was perfect.  As Pierce and I were driving away we were just blown away. We couldn't believe that it was real. Just typing this I kind of want to cry. We felt so much love for each other and for everyone that was there. We couldn't believe all of the love that was shown to us. The day was just amazing and a perfect celebration of our love!

This day was so perfect to me not because of the weather, or the decor, or the beautiful flowers. Even though all of it turned out so beautifully, it was perfect because of everyone there and because it was a celebration of our relationship.

This video means so much to us because it lets us relive the whole day all over again. I am so grateful to my uncle, Jake, who used our camera to get all of these awesome shots. Pierce and I had so much fun editing them all together. Sidenote: we have spent the past year investing in equipment and education and are so excited to be doing weddings this summer! We will only be doing a few so if you are interested please get in touch soon.

Soooo... here it is! Please comment and let us know what you think.