One Month Married//Camping


Today marks one month of being married to my best friend! We celebrated with a little camping trip this Memorial Day! I want to document a few things I have learned about Pierce after spending very nearly 24 hours a day with him for the past month.

  • He is a worrier. It's actually pretty adorable.
  • He wants to do what is right.
  • He loves the Bachelorette, I love that he'll watch it with me.
  • He loves my family almost as much as I do.
  • Dogs make him so happy. He sees one and his face just lights up!
  • He is so much sweeter than I even realized.

So here are some pictures from our little camping trip! We brought along some of our favorite friends, Dallin and Chelsea. SO glad they decided to stick around for the summer.

DSC02824 DSC02798 DSC02894  DSC02876 DSC02859 DSC02779

Chelsea and I just perched on this rock loving nature, while the boys set up the whole campground. They are the best. We had some s'mores, told stories, and just enjoyed each other's company. It's our first time camping of the season and I can't wait to go more this summer! It rained on us so hard in the middle of the night, and I woke up because it was so loud! Pierce and I sleep to sound machine (the iPhone app) every night so the stream that was flowing just near our tent made me sleep like a baby! But this rain was so loud haha, and I was so scared it was going to leak inside our tent! Thankfully we all stayed dry and happy! But our plans to spend the day hiking and rock climbing were spoiled by the rain that continued through the morning. We ended up just leaving because we had too much work to do to just sit around and wait for the weather to get better! But it was still such a blast to just camp and hang out together. Summer really is just the best! And now Pierce and I are so excited for the Bachelorette tonight... why is that show so fun?