How I Survive Provo Gluten-Free

This post I am dedicating to one thing I love and adore: food.

Specifically sugary food.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease it was honestly pretty hard for me. I was kind of a baby when I found out I couldn't eat anything Cafe Rio or that my cake would never taste as good as everyone else's. In the grand scheme of things, Celiac Disease isn't all that bad, but it definitely took some adjusting! Probably the biggest thing that has helped me has been discovering GF treats. 

Sometimes it just sucks that you can't eat what everyone else is having. Honestly it's a good thing most of the time but every once in a while I just need a dang cookie. These are a few of my favorite places in Provo!

1: Waffle Luv

The GF waffle I luvvveeddd (lol). But honestly, take a friend with you! They are so sweet and delicious and you will be glad you have someone to split with! Perk: the GF waffle is the same price as the reg waffle. That never happens but it's my favorite!

IMG_1230 IMG_1232

2: Cupcake Chic

This little joint is right by Sprouts which is a blessing and a curse. I can't resist going in every single time. Also, note that I couldn't wait to eat it to get a picture. It's divine. Literally the softest, fluffiest cookie I've ever eaten! GF or otherwise. Every time I get this Pierce has to take a few bites. He's as obsessed as I am.

They also have GF lemon bars which I HIGHLY recommend! Yay for options! IMG_1313

3: Sweet Tooth Fairy

Okay it's no secret that I'm obsessed with this place. The GF cake bites, cupcakes, and sugar cookies rock my world. IMG_9428

If you try any of these please reach out and let me know what you think! And if any of you know of any gems I've been neglecting, please HMU ASAP. You know I'm always looking for something good.

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