All My Valentines


I know I am a million years late, but I've been crazy busy.

As February is almost over, I wanted to blog about my Valentine's day...

So here is a semi-random assortment of our quick trip home and our V-Day festivities!


For literally as long as I can remember my mom has made us pancakes for breakfast on Valentine's Day! I always look forward to it. This year's breakfast consisted of lemon ricotta pancakes (divine and gluten-free), hashbrowns, eggs, fresh-squeezed OJ, sausage, and homemade vanilla cream syrup. I absolutely adore this tradition, and what a bonus to get to eat it outside in February! The weather was a dream.

-also note the bowl of potatoes Pierce placed on the table just for kicks-IMG_0686Pierce captured this candid photo of sweet little Ava napping on the ottoman. She really is just precious. Pierce and I always say that if we have kids like her we will have 15.


Little Man Ice Cream... duh. So delicious.IMG_0696

Colby and Pierce working on some Thread Wallets designs. These two are so brilliant and come up with such cool ideas together! I am so happy Colby and McKenzie decided to road trip with us (and I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with the four of us!!!) IMG_0705

This is probably the worst picture in all of history but it was the little lovelies' first concert! We saw Matisyahu in Vail and had the best time! It was so fun to watch Madeline and Ava experience all of the energy and excitement of a concert! They left before the end with my mom and I'm so grateful they did or else I think they may have gotten trampled with all of the shoving and crowd surfing going on near the end. But during his last song Matisyahu pulled people on stage that danced with him and Pierce somehow got up there! I loved watching him have the time of his life on stage in front of so many people! IMG_0709

Our Valentine's day night was spent at Little Man and then Biju's. We finished dinner pretty early so we stopped at Whole Foods for some movie treats and came home and cuddled with my mom and sisters (my dad and brother were out of town for a basketball game) and watched Meet The Parents.

*sidenote, those sugar cookies are gluten-free from The Sweettooth Fairy, we brought them all the way from UT and they are incredible! I am embarrassed to tell you how many we consumed that weekend...*IMG_0711

My Valentine <3 <3 <3


All of my other Valentines... ;)IMG_0713

Madeline was a little girl when I moved out and now she's a complete tween! She is so beautiful and sweet and talented, I am so proud of her and I love watching her grow!IMG_0715

My sis/best friend/maid of honor. I miss living with her, I swear I've never met someone that makes me laugh as hard as she does.

I am pretty spoiled to have a family that is so awesome that Pierce and I want to drive 8 hours so often just to see them... They definitely make it worth it! And I am grateful to have friends like Kenz and Colby that we have so much fun with and inspire us so much!

PS: For V Day I got Pierce tickets to the Eaux Claire music festival in July! We are so excited, and especially can't wait to see Bon Iver again. Will anyone else be there? Anyone know any good places to stay in Wisconsin?