In The City With My Love


Today I am sharing the engagement session we did with Alix Loosle! We are so happy with the way they turned out, how talented is she?! Taking these pictures was so much fun, and they represent Pierce and I so well. Ahh, this is getting real, you guys!!IMG_0100-XL IMG_0127-XL IMG_0134-XL IMG_0157-XL IMG_0175-XL

Really don't understand how he can be so unbelievably good-looking. But hey, I'm not complaining.IMG_0238-XL IMG_0294-XL IMG_0305-XL IMG_0333-XL IMG_0374-XL

Sidenote: Pierce gave me this watch for his birthday... He is perfection. Who does that?

IMG_0433-XL IMG_0455-XL IMG_0507-XL IMG_0520-XL IMG_0573-XL IMG_0586-XL IMG_0589-XL IMG_0623-XL IMG_0648-XL IMG_0713-XL IMG_0721-XL IMG_0747-XLAlix killed it with these. And a HUGE thanks to my mom who came from Denver to do my makeup and help get me ready, I love her. And what would I do without Gabs and my roommate Katie who did my hair and let me borrow their clothes?