LA Baby


Let me preface this post saying Pierce told me I couldn't call it LA unless I followed it with "baby." Haha.

For this long MLK day weekend, we had absolutely no plans.  We were just going to chill and take it easy after a long week of school and work.  But I guess that's just not really our style.  Pierce called me late Friday morning and asked if I thought we should drive to LA for the weekend...

A few hours later we were packed up and on the road.

The beauty of being young!

My Dad and little brother Easton were staying in California for my brother's basketball team, so it worked out so perfectly to have us come hang out with them.  We started our trip with tacos and it feels like after that we never stopped eating. One of my favorite parts about traveling is trying new foods and restaurants,  I love Yelp to help me find the best local spots.

DSC07359We watched this pickup game at Venice Beach for a while... Easton loves basketball and really wanted to join in.

DSC07335 DSC07332

We stopped and watched some graffiti artists for a while. I think it looks so artistic and I loved listening to Pierce tell me a little bit about the culture associated with it.

DSC07305 DSC07311 DSC07277

I'm about 95% certain Easton isn't really a frequent visitor to this blog, so I'm pretty sure I'm safe posting these haha. This is so funny to me because it is such a good representation of his personality.  He is so funny and willing to laugh at himself, such a good quality! After some bribery from Pierce and I, we got him to model for us, and he sure wasn't shy.


He is really cute.


When reflecting back on our "high points and low points" from the day, you bet this moment was at the top of my dad's high point list.  Beach naps rule.


Pierce was so excited to be at the beach.  He served a mission for our church for two years and got home in June.  It's been almost three years since he'd been on a beach and he was absolutely giddy to see the ocean. He is adorable. I say that every post but I really mean it.



DSC07158 DSC07157

More cool Venice Beach graffiti.

And now for the highlight of this little LA getaway...


October of 2013 I found out that I had Celiac Disease.  At first it was actually emotionally a little difficult for me.  It is hard to go to a social event or meeting or anything really and not be able to eat with everyone else.  I felt so weird telling people I was allergic to the treat they were giving me and hated telling any host that I couldn't eat or awkwardly avoiding the food table. It was tricky navigating where I could eat out and what places had gluten free options.  One day I had a minor breakdown when I went to Cafe Rio and realized they use flour in literally everything (boooo). But enough on my rant. It was hard for a couple of months but now it's just a fact of life and I actually am grateful for it because it usually keeps me eating healthier and I feel about a million times better.  And so many places are so accommodating to gluten-free! So now it is no big deal except for one thing...


I have had the yummiest GF cupcakes, cakes, cookies, macaroons, bread, muffins, sandwiches, pies, and just about every other dessert you can think of.  We've made sort of  a hobby of finding desserts I can eat. But for some reason GF donuts are almost nonexistent! Unless they are from the freezer and just gross.

So after over a year of being donut-free, I went to LA and found these babies. Pierce and my dad were determined to get me one (okay six) and we drove 30 minutes after church to find them.

They were heavenly. There were so many different flavors to choose from (rare for GF) and everyone said the GF ones were better than the regular (impossible for GF). Oh my goodness they were so delicious and the store was so cool. This post may be a bit excessive for donuts... But cut me some slack I've drooled every time I've passed a Krispy Kreme for a year.

DSC07100 DSC07074 DSC07073 DSC07062DSC07066

So so so so so happy. And if anyone knows of any more gluten free gems in Utah, Colorado, or anywhere else for that matter, please share!!!