break highlights


Once a break has come and gone, it's almost hard to believe it really happened.  It goes by so quickly.  I looked forward to it for so long, it's the most wonderful time of the year! I loved getting to spend time with friends, family, and of course fiancé.

I just wanted to share a couple of my favorite memories from this year's Christmas break, maybe make it last as long as I possibly can. :) Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Highlight number 1: Cuddling up on this bed every night with my entire family of 8 and watching a movie (the couch served as overflow).  We traded off who got to pick the movie so we watched quite the variety.  The Book Thief, 50 First Dates, James Bond, and everything in between.  And not lying, Pierce fell asleep during every single one haha.  When it was my turn to pick, we watched The Book Thief because I'd been dying to see it.  I read the book when I was 13 and it had such an impression on me.  Such a beautiful attitude towards such terrible events.  But I was crying the whole movie and towards the end I was shaking and sobbing it is so heart wrenching. Pierce woke up so confused haha wondering why my face was all wet and why exactly I just could not pull myself together.IMG_0111


Highlight number 2: Taking pictures nobody is down for after church.  But now I'm glad we did because look how cute my family is. :) I miss them already!

Also I reeeallllyyy like Pierce.DSC00443

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Highlight number 3: Christmas Eve.

Snuggling with Sophie Grace, watching my siblings and cousins act out the nativity, singing Christmas songs, making cookies, sibling sleepover, and the Christmas Eve dinner--fast food.



Highlight number 4: Going to the mountains, skiing, and hiking. Colorado is so beautiful and we were loving the combo of snow and sunshine.  It was also so fun to spend NYE there with friends and family. DSC00806


Highlight number 5: The gift exchange I did with some girlfriends once we all got back to Provo.  These girls are all so fun and sweet, I am so lucky to have met them all!  And I already am so missing rooming with Claire (top picture), we had so much fun together and she is  a wonderful wonderful friend!  But I'm now excited to be living in the same apartment complex as some other friends as well! So much bittersweet.

Highlight number 6:  Wedding planning with Savanna, my mom, my aunt, and my honorary aunt (s/o to Debbie).  It has already been fun, but a ton of work! I am so happy to have such amazing and creative women helping me out and making it such a good experience.

Highlight number 7: Sending off my gorgeous little sister to Cuenca, Ecuador to work in an orphanage for a month.  I have gotten to talk with her a lot since she has been there and she has blessed my life with her service.  She is such an example to me! I am so proud of her and through her I have come to love these little orphans as well! She is having quite the experience, I am so happy she is letting me share it with her all the way from Utah!

Back to real life again!