On Friday my love turned 22.

22 has never looked so good.

We had so much fun on his birthday, I know I love him because I was just as excited for his birthday as I was for mine and I enjoyed it just as much. And I love my birthday haha.

His day was consisted of rock climbing (we are into that nowadays), Texas De Brazil, a chiropractic adjustment (long story), friends, and a delicious chocolate tres leches cake.

So in honor of Pierce's 22nd, I wanted to share 22 of my favorite things about him, and let you get to know him a little bit better.

The following are my favorite things about Pierce today. I could name a million things I love about him, and I know he will give me even more reasons to love him tomorrow.  So here are the specific 22 on my mind today.

1. He dreams big. He thinks bigger.

2. He loves Jesus Christ and wants to follow him.

3. He is unbelievably sweet. To me and to everyone.

4. He is quick to forgive those that have wronged him.

5. He is quick to apologize (even when he doesn't need to).

6. He doesn't hesitate to ask people for advice.

7. He is remarkably good at talking to people. Anyone, actually.

8. He is smart.

9. He is creative and artistic.

10. He appreciates good food.

11. He makes everyone around him feel special.

12. He is affectionate.

13. He is clean and organized.

14. He is driven and hardworking.

15. He loves people.

16. He hands out genuine compliments freely.

17. He is very loyal.

18. He likes to try new things.

19. He is very open minded.

20. He is thoughtful.

21. He wants to do what is right.

22. He is such a good friend.


I know I said 22 but I want to keep going...

He is thoughtful.

He does what he says he's going to do.

He has better taste than I do.

I could keep going forever, but I'm going to stop for today.  And just say how grateful I am for him and his sweet heart. I can't wait to spend the rest of forever with him. And I'm so excited for infinity birthdays to come!

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