Sophie Grace


meet sophie grace. isn't she flawless?!

 while we were in colorado last week pierce and i were able to make a video of sophie's first day here on earth.

it was unbelievably special to be a part of. my aunt had a c-section, and so we got to go to the hospital and wait for her to get out of surgery so we could meet little sophie!

while pierce and i were in the waiting room we started talking about cameras and lenses.  i have been in love with my canon 7D, but didn't have a lens great for this particular project.  so as pierce and i are discussing ups and downs of all possible angles, pierce decided to head over to mike's camera to see if he could pick up a lens for me. sooo basically he called me and talked me into getting his exact same camera which super conveniently was on sale for black friday. i am SO excited pierce and i have matching cameras now because we are going to LOVE working on more projects together.

here are some random pics we took playing around before we took my cousins to meet their new baby sis and in the hospital waiting to meet her ourselves!


Colorado is so pretty... this was taken on the outskirts of my home neighborhood!


Me ft. my new black friday beanie.DSC00018

waiting.....DSC00080i love him :)