Home For The Holidays


I couldn't be any happier to be HOME for Christmas!

Pierce and I were supposed to fly in this morning, but we surprised my parents by driving home a day early! We arrived in Denver a little after midnight and surprised my parents...

We had been scheming with Easton, but our plan was nooottt perfect and we ended up blasting christmas music (purpose) throughout my house and setting off the alarm (accident).  We ended up scaring the h*ck out of my family hahaha. Whoops!

But it was SO fun to surprise my family and get the Christmas celebration going.  And today was nothing short of magical, the Sunday before Christmas and all back together again.


Oh how I've missed them! DSC00320

It is such a treat to be back home.  Christmas is not quite the same at college! No amazing decor (my B) and no siblings that make everything more magical.DSC00326 DSC00354

Pierce teaching Ava some graphic design… cuties.DSC00363

He is so handsome but more importantly such a good boy. I am so proud of him! DSC00371

We spent the afternoon in a gingerbread competition! DSC00409

As a public service I am posting the gingerbread house Savanna, Hayden, and Easton made… Madeline and Ava's and I somehow just wasn't as pretty haha.  And if anyone knows my family this picture will make you laugh.  Notice A-this gingerbread house is actually made of wood (cred to Hayden) and B-Everything on this house is actually healthy! The snow is cottage cheese, the icicles are string cheese, and the lights are grape tomatoes! It is a never-ending joke in our family that we never have good food to eat, but when we ran out of candy we resorted to the fridge and I think they turned out so cute! DSC00379

I am so lucky he's my dad!!!DSC00423

My little lovelies.DSC00435Potpurri is my FAVORITE! It is just Christmas. I was so looking forward to coming home and smelling it even though Pierce was teasing me because I called it "pot-purry."

Either way it smells like heaven and I love Christmas.

I hope everyone is enjoying time with their loved ones and praying for snow!